Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nadler Wins 21K at Finn SISU Race!

Yes, a Chicago kid won up at ABR today! Andrew Nadler, 16, of Chicago, won the Heikki Lunta Half Marathon (21K) at the Finn SISU race. He topped a field of 117 finishers. Nadler's time was 1:21:58.6. Congrats to Andrew and all of the other Illinois skiers in the 42K, 21K, freestyle and classic. Results are posted at

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nadler, Carlson Win at Iron County Pursuit

Two Illinois skiers made their trips to Montreal and Mercer, WI worthwhile last weekend, winning their age groups in the two-day Iron County Pursuit. The event consisted of a 9K classic race on Saturday and a 12.5K freestyle race on Sunday with starting position on Sunday determined by Saturday's results. Andrew Nadler, 16, a CXC skier who attends the Latin School in Chicago, won the male 16-18 age group with a 35:05.5 in the 9K classic and 37:25.0 in the 12.5K freestyle. From what I heard ahead of time, Nadler played in a hockey game Friday night before going north. Meanwhile, Charles Carlson, 62, of Rockton, IL, one of the Rockford-area NINers, won the 60-69 group with a 42:21 and 44:51. Way to go Andrew and Charles!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

CXC-NIN -- The Inside Edition at KK (With Results)

Mike Choate (top photo) shows how it's done on the SKI-ERG machine on Saturday during the Indoor Northern Illinois Nordic at King Keyser. Kevin Flowers (shirtless) also goes for it during his three-minute stint. Doug McClerran (third photo) has his skis checked outby the experts from CXC and Salomon on Friday at King Keyser. Yours truly grinds out his three-minute time trial (smaller right photo) on Friday night. It was humbling to say the least, and a great little workout! The real NIN is now scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 15. Dicey long-range forecasts leave that feeling of uncertainty intact as the new countdown begins.(Photos by Fred Faller, Me, Doug McClerran)

Here are the results of the Indoor NIN:
Birkie Wave Correlation (from CXC)
Elite Wave 750-850
Wave 1 700-750
Wave 2 650-700
Wave 3 600-650
1. Kevin Flowers 836
2. Chuck Zagozdon 812
3. Will Kupisch 803
4. Marcus Thymian 796
5. Mike Choate 788
6. Jim Gearhart 771
7. Jostein Alvestad 770
8. Dave Fyhrie 768
9. Jim Nowak 767
9. Steve Capps 767
11. Mark Sayres 765
12. Scott Pederson 761
13. Terry Duke 758
14. Darrel Duchon 755
15. Ken Muszynski 753
16. Fred Faller 742
17. Jerry Pasierb 719
18. Harry Maranowicz 697
19. Bernd Von Sosen 683
20. Dave Vincent 677
21. Kurt Wagner 675
22. Chuck Kessler 652
23. Bob Richards 645
24. Mike Pellikan 580
1. Kielo Sauvala 712
2. Elizabeth Holland 700
3. Sara Conrad 674
4. Stacey Jutila 671
4. Michelle Mathieu 671
6. Stephanie Wagner 628
7. Robin Carlson 574
8. Sarah Hraha 559
9. Michelle Farr 516
10. Chaya Carey 438

Congrats to all!!
Stay tuned for if and when the real NIN will be held!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thinking Positive

Yes, there will be more skiable snow in Illinois! Yes, the Northern Illinois Nordic will take place. It's just a matter of time. In the meantime, stay focused and come out to the CXC Clinic this Friday and/or Saturday at King Keyser on Washington Street in downtown Hinsdale. Hours will be noon-8 on Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. Included will be an "Indoor NIN" on a special ski machine provided by CXC. Come in and enter the race! In the meantime, the photo is living proof we do ski here. This shot was taken at Arrowhead on Christmas Eve.